Posted 1 month ago

Veg Sole Sister Dinner Night ❤️

Vegan dinners at least a couple times a month is our new plan! Neither Amanda or I have any other veg head friends, so it’s nice to get together and share compassionate food with compassionate people!

This week we gorged on Creamy Marinara Rotini with meatballs, and a Basil Chickpea Salad topped on organic greens!

Savoring the last bit of summer, here was our setup. Dinner outside and a few…

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Posted 2 months ago


Dinner 😊 Romaine salad w/avocados, heirloom tomatoes, cilantro and basil, and oil-free/salt-free potatoes (recipe in a previous post). Throw a 1/2 cup water in the oven while baking for crispier taters!

Posted 2 months ago

Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie (vegan of course) 😉🍒


Happy weekend everyone! We made ours a good one: we spent Saturday at our local animal shelters annual dog walk, and spent Sunday morning trying to get back in a meditation routine/spending the afternoon with some good friends and delicious vegan eats!


But now to the most important part! The recipe for this scrumptious smoothie! Chocolate? Cherries?! All combined into one delicious, healthy,…

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Posted 2 months ago

We survived the 10 day “fed up” sugar free challenge

We survived the 10 day “fed up” sugar free challenge

Ok guys, the verdict is in…going completely sugar free is really hard. We survived the 10days and learned a lot along the way!

When we thought of sugar our first thoughts were of the basics; candy, soda, baked goods, processed carbs,etc.
But after watching the documentary we learned that there’s a lot more to it. There seems to be sugar or some form of it in just about EVERYTHING.


Things that…

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Posted 3 months ago


Peace smoothie bowl! ❤️✌️#goveg #veganshare #eatfruit #plantpower #raw #rawvegan

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Peace Smoothie Bowl! ✌️

Happy Sunday friends!

Today I spent the day biking the Cardinal Greenway and hiking the beautiful arboretum trails with my 3 rescue canines!


<a href=


We came home from a long, hot, and sweaty afternoon wanting something cool and refreshing! ✌️

Our brainstorming lead to a smoothie bowl with fresh fruit on top! You could literally make this in ANY variety that suits your fancy!

We used:


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Posted 3 months ago

Fed up challenge! Day 7 💪

Just thought I’d touch base and let everyone know we are still committed to the “Fed up” 10 day sugar free challenge!


One week down! 🎉🎉 wooooooohooooo! I think we have both faced some struggles over the weekend (weekends are always the worst) but hopefully the next three days will fly by fast.

We will go into to detail about things we’ve learned from the challenge, our personal challenges, and…

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Posted 4 months ago

Fed Up Challenge!

This weekend we went and viewed the documentary “Fed Up.” Very informative, somewhat sad, but definitely inspiring and great motivation to make a change in what you put in your body! The comparison between sugar and drugs is mind blowing! Sugar is addicting as cocaine? That’s just pure madness right? Wrong. The evidence made my skin crawl! 💀


We had met a lady who was recently diagnosed with type…

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Posted 4 months ago

The White Pig Bed and Breakfast

My husband and I recently celebrated surviving our first year of marriage by staying a night at “The White Pig Bed and Breakfast”



It’s 100% vegan friendly and the profits go to help support the on site rescue pot belly pigs, horses, and dogs, that you have the option to visit with if you’d like.




The property was beautiful and very well taken care of. There’s a lot of room to hike, explore,…

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Posted 6 months ago

Chocolate Covered Sea Salted Caramel Balls! ❤️

Caramel? Yes. Chocolatey? Of course. A hint of sea salt? Absolutely! If you love those three things I encourage you to make this simple recipe! Only four ingredients:


All you will need!

- a bag of dates
- 1/2 cup peanut or almond butter
- sea salt (to taste)
- vegan chocolate of choice!

Firstly, you must soak the dates for a couple hours. Then you will blend them with the peanut butter and sea…

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